Nancy Hurlbut

Higher Education Bonding and Building: PEACH Statewide Cross-Sector Collaborations that Transform EC Systems

Over the past six years, Partnerships for Education, Articulation and Coordination through Higher Education (PEACH) has grown from a small group of ECE higher education faculty members in Los Angeles County to a collaborative of ECE faculty members from 26 institutions of higher education (community colleges, California State, UC, and private universities at the baccalaureate, masters and doctoral programs) in Los Angeles County, partnering with faculty and related agency and advocacy organization colleagues across California. Increasingly called upon as thought partners in ECE systems change initiatives, PEACH members are intentionally deepening their capacity to collaborate—as ECE academics and advocates. Updates will provide several examples of PEACH advocacy and collaboration to-date and the expansion of PEACH’s scope of work.

In this session, participants will be guided by PEACH’s examples to engage in small group discussions and whole group report-outs to explore and share their perspectives regarding their own roles as ECE professionals in California ECE systems transformation.

California's Response to Transforming the Workforce Birth to Eight and What it Means To YOU!

A statewide early childhood professional development and professional learning systems change is underway! Based on recommendations from the Institutes of Medicine and the National Research Council’s seminal report, Transforming the Workforce for Children Birth through Age 8: A Unifying Foundation, the California Department of Education and First 5 California are co-leading an effort to bring all early childhood education sectors to uniformed understanding and consensus about a systems change. The development of a plan intended to serve as a roadmap is key. A fully developed and articulated statewide system plan of certification, preparation and support for California’s early childhood professionals will contain concrete objectives creating real systems-level change over the next five years.


Nancy Hurlbut


Nancy Hurlbut is the Associate Dean of the College of Education and Integrative Studies at Cal Poly Pomona. She recently moved from Humboldt State University where she spent 17 years serving in multiple roles, including Chair of Child Development Department, Interim Dean of the College of Professional Studies, Ombudsperson, and Director of Distance Education. Nancy has worked in ECE in two countries and three states. She taught early childhood courses, directed the Child Development Laboratory, and Coordinated the Early Childhood Education Credential Program at Oklahoma State University. She also taught at University of North Carolina, University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada, and was a postdoctoral fellow at Duke University Medical School. Her research is on early childhood education and the relationship between social emotional and cognitive development.

Nancy holds her doctoral degree from University of Wisconsin at Madison in Life-Span Human Development. She has participated in numerous statewide initiatives. She was a founding member of Baccalaureate Pathways in Early Care and Education (BPECE) and the Higher Education Colloquium. She was one of the CSU partners with Community College faculty who developed the Curriculum Alignment (CAP) courses that have become the Early Childhood Community College Transfer Curriculum (ADT). She recently served on the statewide Special Education Taskforce, the Early Childhood Permit Pane, and is presently a member of the California Core Team developing a state implementation plan in response to the Transforming the Workforce for Children Ages Birth through 8 report, co-leading the Priority Area 3: Higher Education.

She has been a partner member of the Los County Early Childhood Workforce Consortium and is presently a co-consultant for PEACH (Partnerships for Education, Articulation and Coordination through Higher Education).