Osnat Zur, PhD

Gathering Input to Develop the California Early Childhood Curriculum Review Protocol

WestEd, in collaboration with CDE, is developing a protocol for early childhood educators and caregivers to guide their review and selection of curricula. The protocol will include specific criteria for effective curriculum, such as comprehensive of children's learning and development as described in the Infant/Toddler Learning and Development Foundations (IT Foundations) and the California Preschool Learning Foundations (PS Foundations), inclusive of children with disabilities, and responsive to the needs of young dual language learners. It will assist early childhood educators and caregivers in reflecting on their program's curriculum or selecting a new curriculum that meets the learning needs and diverse cultural and linguistic experiences of children in their program. In this session, we will share initial ideas for what this curriculum review protocol could include. We will invite your input on what the curriculum review protocol should include and how it might be used by the early childhood educators and caregivers that you work with throughout California. We will also gather your ideas on how the tool should be designed and organized (e.g., series of reflection questions, checklists, tiers of quality).

Osnat-Zur.pngOsnat Zur, Phd

Osnat Zur is a Senior Program Associate with the Center for Child & Family Studies at WestEd. She serves as Project Director of WestEd's partnership at the National Center for Early Childhood Development, Teaching and Learning. Prior to her Project Director role at the national center, Zur had been leading content development for PD2GO, a collection of professional development modules developed for First 5 California designed to support continuous improvement in early childhood programs. Previously at WestEd, Zur served as the lead researcher and author for the California preschool foundations in the domain of science, and for the state's preschool curriculum framework in mathematics and in science. She also developed assessment measures in cognitive development — math and science — for the Desired Results Developmental Profile instrument and for other school readiness instruments. Zur is a developmental psychologist, with expertise in children's cognitive development, focusing primarily on the development of mathematical and scientific reasoning. She received a BA in psychology and a doctorate degree in developmental psychology, both from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).