Tricia Sifford

Teach Me to Fish: Moving from Checklist to Continuous Quality Improvementnanc

There is a growing movement to get rid of the old checklist mentality and “quality for a day” and focus on program leaders, teachers and coaches as agents of change. This session will take a deep dive into strategies to shift this paradigm.

During this session, we will discuss practical supports for Technical Assistance and CQI using the Environment Rating Scales as a tool for continuous improvement. Tips and Tricks for reflection, self-assessment, professional development, onboarding Technical Assistance Staff, and preparing teachers for an assessment and providing meaningful feedback after an assessment.

Tricia Sifford

Tricia-Sifford.jpgTricia Sifford, is the Director of Early Learning Initiatives from Branagh Information Group.  With more than 25 years of ECE experience at various levels, presenter will provide her expertise in program quality improvement efforts.

Ms. Sifford works at the national level focusing specifically on the use of the Environment Rating Scales for quality improvement, Technical Assistance efforts, and exploring strategic and effective pathways to quality improvement. By utilizing insightful data mining techniques, reports and analysis, she is able to measure the effectiveness of TA content, dosage and intensity.