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Forums for Professional Development Tracks

CAAEYC is proud to continue to participate in the fall Forums working toward the vision of a comprehensive and effective system of professional learning for California’s early childhood education workforce. This year’s session tracks are focused on five diverse approaches to supporting early childhood educators. 

1. Systems
We are proud to offer small group opportunities to discuss important updates from California’s Department of Education Early Education Support Division including new information about statewide resources, Transforming the Workforce Birth to 8 California and the Quality Rating and Improvement System.  We are also very excited to have NAEYC present on Power to the Profession, a national collaboration to define the early childhood profession by establishing a unifying framework for career pathways, knowledge and competencies, qualifications, standards and compensation.

2. Leadership
Whether you are a coordinator, manager or director, providing leadership in a comprehensive system takes a unique set of knowledge, skills and dispositions.  In the leadership track, you will learn strategies for becoming a more effective leader.

3. Coaching/Mentoring
Coaching and mentoring programs have emerged as the most promising approaches to transformational in service professional learning, but there are few opportunities for coaches and mentors to participate in training designed for them.  Follow this track to learn innovative strategies that will strengthen your practice as a coach or mentor.

4. Train the Trainer
Join this track to learn about integrating tips, tricks, and strategies that will enhance the impact of the professional development experiences you provide.

5. Faculty
We are excited about this year’s opportunities for faculty in higher education to discuss new science, new initiatives and best practices for adult learning and coursework design.


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