Karen Littlefield

Karen Littlefield

Karen Littlefield

Karen Littlefield is a well-known, passionate leader and expert in early childhood education. Karen continues to enhance her own learning and credentials with hands-on experiences, making her an expert who is relatable and understanding, yet who provides structure and guidance on goal achievement.

Karen brings a wide range of experiences and perspectives to her workshops, observations and coaching roles. She maintains a working knowledge of federal and state grant program administration as well as private program operations. Her background in multiple facets of care are what enables her to be a fantastic facilitator of knowledge. Karen has a purposeful drive to help others to be as successful as possible. Her professionalism and teamwork shines through each and every day of her work.

Karen’s expertise includes various assessments, coaching models, goal setting, implementation, and review in several areas such as environments, interactions and specific content such as STEAM. She will challenge you to reflect, encouraging purposeful and intentional growth to your teaching practice!

Forum Presentation

The Building Blocks of the ECE Workforce

In this session, we will examine the neuroscience of adult learning methodology including the four (4) elements of effective adult learning and sustainability. We will further discover the unique positioning of adult education needs as your staff continues to develop into the leaders that shape our early learning environments.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Participants will have an overall understanding of how the adult brain learns and implements new knowledge.
  • Participants will gain knowledge on how organizational behavior can impact the development of a high-quality workforce.
  • Participants will discuss ongoing, effective, professional support strategies that best serve their staff and ultimately, catapult systemic quality improvements.