The Psychological Impact of Active Shooter Drills and Other Realistic Simulations

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The Psychological Impact of Active Shooter Drills and Other Realistic Simulations

More and more early childhood education programs are participating in active shooter drills and other realistic simulations. The assumption is that these drills prepare children, teachers and law enforcement for the worst case scenario, but what are the unintended effects on children and staff? In this workshop we will discuss the psychological impact and examine current research on whether or not these drills are worth the trauma they cause.  
Join Hively CEO, Kelly O’Lague Dulka, MSW to discuss how you, as caregivers, can support children and teens through this process.

Presenter Biography

Kelly-OLague-Dulka.pngKelly O’Lague Dulka
Kelly O’Lague Dulka is a licensed clinical social worker with over 30 years of experience working with children and families.  Kelly is a graduate of UC Berkeley where she received both undergraduate and graduate degrees in Social Welfare.  She did her clinical training at Stanford and in 1985 was the founder of the Stanford University Medical Center Sexual Abuse Clinic.  She is an expert in Trauma-Informed Care and Child Abuse Prevention.  Her clinical specialty is the assessment and treatment of child sexual abuse, with a particular focus on young children.  Kelly has worked on a national level, advocating for increased screening and training requirements for those who work with children.  Kelly currently serves as the Chief Executive Officer at Hively, a nonprofit organization that provides a wide range of educational programs and mental health services to children and families throughout Alameda County. 

In her free time, Kelly loves to walk (and walk and walk); she enjoys hanging out with her family; and, she loves baking bread with her staff.